Antarctica is considered the sixth continent. It is also the fourth largest continent after Asia, America and Africa, the most isolated, and the least explored. All these information give us just a geographical idea about Antarctica, but nothing we can say can describe the beauty of the “Great White Continent.” Navigating its channels and discovering the awesome majesty of the landscape is considered by the lucky visitor a unique experience. Penguin colonies among which we find the so-called “King Penguin”, whales, seals, orcas and a variety of seabirds, are part of the vast white landscape, where, in the middle of the austral summer (January), day- light lasts almost 24 hours. At midnight the sun “dips down” but then “rises” again before getting below the horizon, resulting in the so-called “white nights”. The city of Ushuaia is the gateway to this marvel. From its local harbor, cruise lines depart offering different itineraries to visit and enjoy Antarctica and to make this trip one of the most intense and incredible experiences, that will remain etched in your memory forever.


Classic Antarctic

11 days - 10 nights Depart from Ushuaia. Our  Classic Antarctic adventure cruises on board the

Classic South Georgia

20 Days - 19 Nights Depart from Ushuaia.

Polar Circle Quest

12 Days - 11 Nights Depart From Ushuaia.

Weddell Seaquest

12 days - 11 nights Depart from Ushuaia.


The world is full of places worth to visit. But only some of them offer, even today, the opportunity to feel, intact, pleasures and emotions of exploration and discovery. Tierra del Fuego is, undoubtedly, one of them. Just a few steps away from the main roads you’ll be in an almost virgin territory in which, even today, anything is possible. The huge extensions of the northern steppes, lakes and savannah woodlands; central peaks and glaciers of the Andes, the green labyrinth of guindos and lengas that overlook the cliffs and, finally, the unfathomable mysteries of the Beagle channel and the South Atlantic are an ideal place for everyone to live their own adventures.

Where we are?


Beaver Watch

Aprox 4 hours Includes: transportation/hiking/ Gear: rubber boots and rainco at Minimum: 2 pax We are going


Duration: Aprox 4 hrs This trip will take us down the paths taken by the inmates of

Caminata en Pingüinera

6 hs. La Isla Martillo, en el Canal Beagle, es parte de la Estancia Harberton, y el

Martial Glacier

Duration: 4 hrs A few km from town, we find one of the most attractive points of